Touch Chesi Chudu 1st Day Collections – First Day Box Office Collection

Touch Chesi Chudu 1st Day Collections

Touch Chesi Chudu 1st Day Collections – First Day Box Office  Collection

Touch Chesi Chudu 1st Day Collections are here for you. This movie released worldwide amidst so many expectations. The teaser of this movie pumped so many expectations over this movie. This made the Telugu movie lovers to go to the theatre on the first day of Touch Chesi Chudu movie release and buy a ticket to watch Ravi Teja on the screen.

But the reports say that Touch Chesi Chudu movie has not satisfied the hunger of Ravi Teja fans. This movie failed to impress the ones who went to watch something amazing on the big screen.

This movie was released with good expectations and considered it would be a decent entertainer for this February. But the result of the movie is not so satisfactory. Other than two to three scenes in the movie, the remainning movie is out of track and misleading.

The director took a long time to go to the story and talk about the actual story of the movie. However, the interval part of the movie is convincing and good to watch on the screen. Touch Chesi Chudu movie disappointed the fans and the director should have taken good care of the script.

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While talking about Touch Chesi Chudu first day Collections, the reports are as follows. Touch Chesi Choodu movie has collections $80,515 in the USA and this update is from 92 USA locations. Ravi Teja is the main reason for this pull in the USA. He has a good fan base in the USA and generally, fans will love to watch him on the screen. His previous movie Raja The Great, also taken good pick up at the box office.

Touch Chesi had collected 1.55 Crores in Nizam area, 2.13 Crores in Andhra and 47 lakhs from the Ceded. Touch Chesi Chudu collected 24 Lakhs at the USA box office and 65 Lakhs from the Rest of India. Total Share this movie has collected is 4.94 Crores for the first day and 8.7 Crores Gross worldwide.

This is all about Touch Chesi Chudu 1st day Collections. Keep coming for more interesting updates regarding Touch Chesi Chudu Box Office Collections.