Bhagamathie Collections – Bhagamathi Box Office Collection

Bhagamathie Collections

Bhagamathie Collections – Bhagamathi Box Office Collection

Bhagamathie Collections updates will be posted in this article. Bhagamathi is a very important film for Director Ashok. He has waited for four years to do this movie with Anushka. The reason he says for his awaiting is that only Anushka Shetty fits the role of Bhagamathie and no one can match her. In the trailer, we can see two shades of her on the screen. She is an IAS officer in the movie who will be thrown into Bhagamathi Adda. There she gets influenced by Bhagamathie and how the story moves on from there will be the interesting plot.

Anushka previously did Arundhati movie which resembles Bhagamathie plot. She played the Powerful role of Jejamma in that movie. The character of Jejamma has so much influence on the South Indian fans. Arundhati movie released in both Telugu and Tamil got hit in two places.

Now it is time for Bhagamathie to hit the screens and roar at the box office. Bhagamathi is releasing in both Telugu and Tamil languages. Entire movie unit of Bhagamathi movie is so much confident about the movie. S. S. Thaman composed music for Bhagamathie movie and Mandara Manadara song is a huge hit.

We have to wait for Bhagamathie movie to get release and impress the audience on screen. There is less competition to Bhagamathie movie at the box office due to no big releases in both Telugu and Tamil languages. We will update in this article with Anushka’s Bhagamathie movie’s Box Office Collection updates. Whenever you like to view Bhagamathi Collection updates, you can come over to this place and view Bhagamathie Collections on our webpage. For more interesting updates regarding Anushka Shetty’s Bhagamathie Collections updates. Stay tuned to

Bhagamathie Collection Report:

Bhagamathie Box-office Collections Redirecting URL
Bhagamathie 1st day collections/
Bhagamathi 1st Day Collections
Check Here
Bhagamathie 2 days collections/
Bhagamathi 2 Days Collections
Check Here
Bhagamathie 3 days collections/
Bhagamathi 3 Days Collections
Check Here
Bhaagmathie 5 Days Collections Check Here
Bhaagamthie 6 Days Collections Check here
Bhagamathie 1st week collections/
Bhagamathi 1st week Collections
Check Here
Bhagamathie Total collections/
Bhagamathi Total Collections
Check Here
Name of the MovieRedirecting URL
Awe Box Office CollectionsCheck Here
Intelligent CollectionsCheck Here
Touch Chesi Chudu CollectionsCheck Here
Chalo CollectionsCheck Here
Bhaagamathie CollectionsCheck Here
Agnyathavasi CollectionsCheck Here
Okka Kshanam CollectionsCheck Here
MCA Middle Class Abbayi Box Office CollectionsCheck Here
Hello Box Office CollectionsCheck Here

Bhagamathie collections/ Bhagamathi Box Office Collection

Bhagamathie 1st day collections, Bhagamathie 2 days collections, Bhagamathie 3 days collections / Bhagamathie 1st weekend collections and Bhagamathie total collections and Bhagamathie collections till now / till date, Bhagamathie Total Box Office Collection updates will be posted in this article

Bhagamathie 1ST DAY COLLECTION/ Bhagamathi Day 1 Box Office Collection

Bhagamathie first day collections/ Bhagamathie Telugu day 1 Collection —>> Check Here

Bhaagamathie 1st day collections are now updated in this article. According to the Bhagmathie Collections report, Bhaagmathi movie has collected 2.35 Crores in Andhra, 0.70 Crores in Ceded and 2.15 Crores in Telangana. When we keep all the collections of Bhaagamathie in Telugu states at one place, it is around 5.2 Crores. Bhaagmathie has collected 0.60 Crores in Karnataka State, 0.70 Crores in the USA and 0.30 Crores from the rest of the world. Total Share of Bhaagamathie movie worldwide is around 6.8 Crores and Total Gross is 11.6 Crores. Stay tuned for more updates regarding Bhaagmathie Box Office Collections.


Bhagamathie second day collections / Bhagamathie 2 days collections —>> Check Here

Bhagamathie 2 days box office collections are updated now in this article. Bhaagmaathie movie is one of the best movies in the career of Anushka Shetty. She has given a brilliant performance in this movie. After Arundhati we can fell her domination on the screen. She is the one beauty which can’t leave us to work without her in our mind. Bhaagamathi collections are doing wonders at the box office. In this article, we will be updating the information regarding Bhaagmathie movie and Bhaagmathie Box Office Collection updates.

Bhagamathie 3 Days COLLECTIONS / Bhagamathi 1st WEEKEND COLLECTIONS

Bhagamathie 1st weekend collections / Bhagamathie 3 days collections —>> Check Here

Bhaagamathie weekend collections are now updated in this article. This movie was made with very small budgets. Also, this movie was sold for the very small price all over the world. This movie started its recovery of the profits within its first weekend collections itself. According to the sources, we can know that Bhaagmathie collections are around 17 Crores. When we go deep into the details regarding buying of Bhaagamathie movie, it was sold for 20 Crores and hence the producer who has sold this movie is already on the safe side as well as the buyers of the movie. Keep coming for the more information regarding Bhagamathie Collections updates.

Bhaagamathie 5 Days Collections

Bhaagmathie 5 days Box Office Collection –> Check Here

Bhaagmathie 5 days Box Office Collections are updated in this article. Anushka Shetty nailed with her action in this movie. Especially her aggressive nature during the interval of the movie and the climax of the movie must be appreciated to the core. The whole theatre erupted with whistles and claps during her top-notch performance. Also, the twists in the movie are convincing and much better than most of the Tollywood movies. G. Ashok, the director of this movie took utmost care in designing the screenplay for Bhaagmathie movie. You will definitely like this movie. If you haven’t watched the Bhaagmathie movie till now go and watch in theatres. Keep coming for Bhagamathie Collections.

Bhaagmathie 6 Days Collections

Bhaagmathie 6 Days Box Office collections –> Check Here

Bhaagamathie 6 days Collections are now updated via this article. Bhaagmathie movie is doing very well in the overseas. Even though there are many big releases at the box office, Bhaagamathie movie is managing to collect a good amount at the box office. The one and sole reason for all this craze at the box office is Arundhati aka Deva Sena aka Anushka Shetty. She has nailed the role of Bhaagmathie with her presence. Go and watch this movie in the theatres nearby to feel the experience on your own. Bhagamathie Collections will be updated daily in this article.

Bhagamathie 1st WEEK COLLECTIONS

Bhagamathie first week collections/ Bhagamathie 1st week Collections —>> Check Here

Bhaagmathie 1st week box office collections are now updated in this article. Bhaagamathie movie is not stopping at the box office now. After 1st week, the break-even of the movie has already been done and now it is time for the profits for the producers and the buyers of the movie. Anushka Shetty is the main reason for this assaulted of the box office collections. For more interesting updates regarding Bhaagamathie first week collections, stay tuned to our webpage. Keep coming to view Bhagamathie Collections over here.


Bhagamathie total collections/ Bhagamathie Total Box Office Collection will be updated soon.

This is all about Bhagamathie collections. Keep coming for more info regarding Box-office collections here. Follow us for more interesting updates about Telugu cinema Reviews and Telugu Cinema Box Office Collections.