Bhaagamathie 6 Days Collections – Bhagamathie 6 Days Box Office Collection

Bhaagamathie 6 Days Collections

Bhaagamathie 6 days Collections report is here for you. Bhagmathie movie succeeded in stealing the hearts of the audience who watched this movie with very fewer expectations. This movie has made its mark and stood as one of the greatest movies in the career of Anushka. Previously she has done roles like Arundhati and Deva Sena which are well received by the audience.

Same happened with the role named Bhaagamathie. Anushka Shetty did justice for the role named Bhaagmathie. She roared on screen and must the director G. Ashok is very good with his script. No Part of the movie irritates the audience.

In this movie, Anushka Shetty has played two roles. The first one is Chenchala IAS, which was rocked by the Anushka Shetty with the utmost ease. And the second role is Bhaagmathie which requires so much talent to perform on the screen. As Anushka Shetty is the care of Address for these type of role, she nailed this role even. The movie lovers loved watching her on the screen.

Especially we can watch her roaring literally during the interval block which has given Goosebumps to the once who are watching. No doubt, Bhaagmathie movie is a sure shot Blockbuster for Anushka Shetty in her career.

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Bhaagmathie Box Office Collections are creating sensations in the USA market. This movie has collected $853,529 in the USA and now Bhaagmathie movie slowly inching towards 1 Million Dollar milestone in the USA. Even though there is a horror content in this movie, even children love to watch this movie without any fear.

If you haven’t watched Bhaagmathie movie till now, I will encourage you to go to the theatres and watch this movie this weekend. This is all about Bhaagamathie 6 Days Collections. Keep coming for Bhaagmathie Total Box Office Collection updates.