Bhaagamathie 1st Week Collections – Bhagamathie Week 1 Box Office Collection

Bhaagamathie 1st Week Collections

Bhaagamathie 1st Week Collections are now updated in this article. Bhaagamathie movie is doing very well at the box office. This movie released a week back and entertaining the audience to the core. Especially the female fans of Anushka Shetty are so proud of Bhaagamathie movie.

They loved watching Tollywood Queen on the big screen. We will love the script work of Bhaagamathie movie for sure. Director G. Ashok has written his script work in a way the audience will feel thrilled to watch it on the screen. The supporting cast and crew of the movie did their part very well even.

Especially the characters of Prabhas Seenu and Dhanaraj rocked on screen with their hours. We will also like their action when they feat lot to enter the Bhaagamathei Bunglaw.

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Bhaagmathie has collected the share of 27.6 Crores worldwide and 51.5 Cr Gross. This is a very good start for the movie like Bhaagmathie. In Nizam area, Bhaagamathie has collected 6.50 Crores, 2.25 Crores in Ceded and 7.45 Crores in Andhra. As the movie got dubbed into other languages also this movie has collected well at the other states box office. Anushka Shetty’s Bhaagamathie collected 2.35 Cr in Karnataka, 3.55 Cr in Tamil Nadu, 0.75 Cr in Kerala, 0.70 Crores from Rest of the world, 2.45 Cr in the USA and 1.60 from the rest of the world.

Bhaagmathie collections will be updated in this article every day. The reason is the presence of Anushka Shetty on the screen. she is awesome on the screen and we will like her terrifying the people around her on the screen. Bhaagmathie movie is a very good movie which we can’t skip. if you haven’t watched Bhaagamathie still not, go and watch on the screen.

this is all about Bhaagamathie 1st week collections. Keep coming for more information regarding Bhaagamathie collections.