Agnyathavasi Collections – Agnathavasi Box Office Collection

Agnyathavasi Collections

Agnyathavasi Collections report will be available in this article. Agnathavasi Box Office Collections updated will be updated daily in this article. Agnyathavasi is the movie releasing with so many expectations all over the world. This movie is the 5th South Indian movie to do large-scale business even before its release.

Agnathavasi Box Office Collection will be huge at the box office on its very first day. This sentence is for sure. But we have to see whether this movie can continue its storm later on or not. For all those doubts to get cleared we have to hold ourselves until Agnyathavasi movie’s release. C

The main reason for this much buzz for Agnyathavasi movie is the combination of Powestar Pawan Kalyan and Powerful Director Trivikram Srinivas. The combination of Trivikram and Pawan Kalyan in the year 2013 did magic with Attarintiki Daredhi movie. Now it is time for Agnyathavasi movie to raise its triumph.

Agnyathavasi box office collection is expected in larger number. This is the reason the buyers had bought the theatrical right of the movie at heavy prices. Agnathavasi Collection including premiers and Pre-Release business will be updated in this article.

Agnyathavasi is the third movie coming under the direction and writing work of Trivikram Srinivas. Jalsa and Attarintiki Daredhi movie previously done good business at the box office. Now it is time for Agnyathavasi movie to do business at the box office. Along with Agnyathavasi Box Office Collections we also likely to provide Agnyathaavasi Movie Review here for you.

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Agnyathavasi Collections

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Agnathavasi 1st Day Collections
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Agnathavasi 1st week Collections
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Agnathavasi Total Collections
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Agnyathavasi Pre-Release Business/ Agnyathavasi Telugu Pre-Release Collection

Agnathavasi Pre-Release business is huge as expected. This movie has managed to collect more than 150 Crores even before its release. We all know that a movie will be sold to theatres before its release and for the big star movies like Pawan Kalyan the rate will be so huge. That’s what happened in case of Agnyathavasi Telugu movie. Agnyathavasi movie collections will be available in this article every hour. Keep in touch with us for more information regarding Agnyathavasi Box Office Collections.

Agnyathavasi Premiers collections are updated here for you. Agnathavasi Premiers are huge and this movie has managed to cross 1 Million marks at the USA box Office even before the screening of the movie. For more detailed information regarding Agnyahtavasi movie, you can use our web page to view  Agnyathavasi Box Office collections. Agnathavasi movie managed to cross Spyder Premiers collections on its first day itself without any rush. The thing is that this movie has more damage to do at the box office.

Agnythavasi Telugu movie Premiers are all over the world today. This movie has managed to beat the Spyder movie collections even before the screening. Spyder movie Collections in the USA are low and Agnythavasi movie has managed to wipe them out. If you are a great fan of Powerstar Pawan Kalyan and want to know in detail about the each and every update about Agnythavasi movie, follow this article. For more information about Agnythavasi movie box office collections aka Agnythavasi Collections follow this article. Even bookmarking this article will help you to direct access to Agnathavasi Box office Collections.

Agnyathavasi COLLECTIONS/ Agnyathavasi Telugu Box Office Collection

Agnyathavasi 1st day collections, Agnyathavasi 2 days collections, Agnyathavasi 3 days collections / Agnyathavasi 1st weekend collections and Agnyathavasi total collections and Agnyathavasi collections till now / till date, Agnyathavasi Total Box Office Collection updates will be posted in this article

Agnyathavasi 1ST DAY COLLECTION/ Agnyathavasi Day 1 Box Office Collection

Agnyathavasi first day collections are huge as expected. According to the reports, Agnathavasi 1st day Andhra Collections are 17.5 Crores, Agnathavasi 1st day Ceded collections are 4 Crores, Agnathavasi day 1 Nizam Box office  Collections are 5.5 Crores, Agnathavasi 1st day Karnataka Box office Collections are 5 Crores, Agnathavasi 1st day USA Box office  Collections are around 6 Crores. Agnathavasi Telugu movie has Collected approximately 1 Crore in remaining India and 0.5 Crores from rest of the Overseas. The totally Agnythavasi movie has Collected 40 Crores as Share and 61 Crores as Gross All over the world. Agnythavasi 1st day Collections and Agnyathavasi Collections updates will be updated soon.

Agnyathavasi 5 Days COLLECTIONS / Agnyathavasi 1st WEEKEND COLLECTIONS

Agnyathavasi 1st weekend collections / Agnyathavasi 5 days collections are now updated in this article. Agnathavasi 5 days Total Share Worldwide is 50.3 Crores whereas Agnythavasi 5 Days Total Gross is around 80 Crores. When we dig deep into the details of Agnathvasi Collections we can understand that Agnathavasi movie has collected 21 Crores in Andhra4.5 Crores in Ceded, 9.5 Crores in Telangana, 7 Crores in the USA and 8.3 Crores from Rest of the theatres. For more information regarding Agnyathavasi Collections and Agnathvasi Box Office Collections stay tuned to our webpage.

Agnathavasi 5 Days Collections
Andhra 21 Cr
Ceded 4.5 Cr
Telangana 9.5 Cr
USA 7 Cr
Rest of the World 8.3 Cr
Total Share 50.3 Cr
Total Gross 80 Cr

Agnyathavasi 1st WEEK COLLECTIONS

Agnyathavasi first week collections/ Agnyathavasi 1st week Collections are here for you. Agnathavasi movie has collected 24 Crores in Andhra for 1 Week, 5 Crores in Ceded and 10 Crores in Telangana. It is great that with the worst talk at the box office, Agnythavasi movie has managed to collect a lot at the box office. Whereas in the USA, Agnythvasi movie collections are stable and steady. Agnythvasi movie has managed to collect 7.5 Crores and 9 Crores for the Rest of the world. The total share of Agnythvasi movie is 55.5 Cr and Total Gross is 88 Crores. Keep Coming for Agnyathavasi Collections.

Agnathavasi 13 days Collections

Agnathavasi movie 13 days box office collections are now updated in this article. This movie released with huge expectations all over the world but failed to reach the expectations. As the movie was sold for so many rupees to the exhibitors the makers of this movie are now in a process to pay them back and fill their loss hole to a bit. Now we have updated this article with Agnathvasi movie 13 days Box office collections. Get in to view Agnythavasi movie 13 days Box office Collection. For more updates regarding Agnythavasi Collections and Agnathavasi movie Box office collections, keep coming to our webpage.


Agnyathavasi total collections/ Agnyathavasi Total Box Office Collection are now updated in this article now. Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s Agnythavasi movie stood as one of the biggest disasters of the Tollywood. This movie recorded huge losses in most of the places. After Spyder Telugu movie, Agnyathavasi movie created huge losses for the exhibitors in so many regions. In this article, now we have updates Agnythavasi movie Total Box Office collections. You can view detailed information regarding Agnythavasi collections in our article now. Keep coming for more information regarding Agnythavasi box office collections.

This is all about Agnyathavasi collections. Keep coming for more Telugu Movies Box-office collections here. Follow us for more interesting updates about Telugu cinema Reviews and Telugu Cinema Box Office Collections.